Thanks To Dan Ratliff !

To Mr. Dan Ratliff

Thank you for making great great instrument for me.
I already bought few of your instrument, then I think this one is the best.
Your micro guitar has ukulele like looks and tone that is not like mini guitar.
Thats I want to have my 6st ukulele.
Now this one has clear and bright tone because its new.
I think this could have more warm tone soon if I could play a lot.
Neck feeling is great !
Radius is just right, also guitar like position mark works great for guitarist like me.
Neck scale size is just right.
I own other same concept micro guitar lot, but everyone has shorter neck.
It gives me pretty looks and compact size, but less play ability.
Your tenor size neck feeling gives me shortest right guitar neck that I could do anything that I do on normal size guitar so on.
Maybe if we could make another one with based on your Bariton size ukulele, it will be greater than this one as micro guitar.
And if we could make this size guitar with normal regular guitar tuning such as E,A,D,G,B,E, its a miracle.
Using ex high tension nylon srings or nickel strings, extreme angled slotted head, there is possiblity I think.
I will gring this instrument anywhere.
I make new things that changes musicians life style.
Thanks for innovation !

Acousphere Shige